At One Product Store, we design a high converting Shopify store featuring one well-researched product which is hot in the market and easy to scale.

At one product store, we advise our clients to focus solely on one winner product than having a niche store or a general store.

By doing that, they stand a chance of giving the store their whole in terms of; marketing, resources and also had the opportunity to private label the product.

We believed in a general store but not every time, and every drop-shippers want to build a general store that is a replica of other big wigs in the Dropshipping industry.

You get A well researched dropshipping niche which guarantees fast track Return on Investments. The most vital aspect of starting a dropshipping business more so on Shopify is getting sales and scaling your business.

With over seven years of extensive product research and marketing, I assure you a success in the dropshipping world. The stores listed on this platform are selected based on what is likely to sell with less efforts when it comes to running ads.

If they are not building another amazon or Aliexpress, they are copying each other niches. Why go through all that yet you can pick a proven product, brand it and making a kill off it?

Well, at one product, we design stores based on ;

  • The product that offers solutions or solves issuers
  • The products have wow factor and can make customer
  • The product that is in high demand but with low competition
  • The unique product that is not available in other dropshipping stores

We’ve been dropshipping for the past ten years. I have made pretty much in sales, and I have mastered the craft of dropshipping business.
Our skills involve niche research, store design, and facebook marketing.

What you Get in Summary

  • One Product store we sell pre-made Shopify store which comes with:
  • Premium Shopify themes worth more than $350
  • One video ad + ad copy + facebook detailed targeting Interests.
  • One Hot Selling Product
  • Stunning and Mobile Responsive Design
  • Menus & Pages
  • Shipping configurations
  • Payment Gateway set up
  • Social Media Pages
  • Ready to launch Shopify store

The options present here;
We have ready to launch stores with only 24 hours delivery and build for your store based on your product or requirement if any. We give you the option of choosing from various hot selling one product design stores.

If you are getting into dropshipping business and you looking forward to running a profitable store, then one product store is just for you.
You can spend less on acquiring a professionally designed store and focus your funds in running ads and doing store management.
Are you ready? Start here.