Store Features

We are manually adding stores with winning products daily. Stop wasting money on bad products or general stores.

A clean Mobile Responsive Shopify Store with a hot selling Dropshipping Product highly selected and tested for conversion.It is Practical to make 6 figures or even 7 figures with just ONE winning product. It’s a trend that you should jump on if to stay ahead of the competition.

Premium Shopify Theme

The Store is designed using one of the best Shopify themes designed for conversions and customer retention. We have premium themes to choose from. The themes we use have pre-built apps saves you money from buying third party apps.

Tested Hot Products

The product listed in each store is unique and easy to scale. We do product research and make sure that the product we design store for is problem-solving products and not readily available in the local stores.

Facebook Ads + Video Copy

We provide facebook targetting details for each product in every store and targetting and interest research done for you. The work remains to launch your facebook ads and scale. We  Offer Facebook Interests,demographic and Ad budget Suggestion for your Ads.

How It Works?

If you are getting into dropshipping business and you looking forward to running a profitable store, then one product store is just for you.
You can spend less on acquiring a professionally designed store and focus your funds in running ads and doing store management.

  • Choose A niche You desire to Launch.
  • Make Payment For The Selected Store.
  • We Transfer the store logins To You & Ownership
  • Launch Your store and Use The Marketing Interests Provided.

Sales Made By Our Customers

We believe every dropshipping business deserves a very profitable store. Your Store needs the best professional design for less. So we enjoy doing the job of setting up your product store, you can easily focus on managing your Store and driving traffic.

Our customers are our top priority, and we always work to give your Shopify store the best outlook it needs to generate enough conversion.

We are always excited to help with your Dropshipping Business!

815+ Happy Customers
690+ Designed Stores
51220+ Sales

Video Introduction

We believed in a general store but not in 2019, every drop-shipper wants to build a general store that is a replica of other big wigs in the Dropshipping industry

Well, at One product, we design stores based on ;

  • The product that offers solutions or solves issuers
  • The products have wow factor and can make customer
  • The product that is in high demand but with low competition
  • The unique product that is not available in other dropshipping stores

We have ready to launch a store with only 24 hours delivery and build for your store based on your product or requirement if any. We give you the option of choosing from various hot selling one product design stores.